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A partnership with WFS

Developing a partnership opportunity with WFS enables you to benefit from our world class international standards in all aspects of ground and cargo handling. You will gain the support of our global team of business and handling professionals and leverage our trusted relationships with airlines, airports and other highly valued customers all over the world.

We believe in partnerships that are open and fair, where both parties bring complementary skills and value. We also recognise the importance of maintaining and developing a strong identity for each partnership, which usually involves the creation of a sub-brand supported by all parties.

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We are always looking for opportunities

WFS is always willing to listen to new opportunities. We are a respected global organisation offering high quality ground handling services to a worldwide client base, and have a history of successful partnerships.

We work with respected professionals

We choose our partners very carefully. We want to work with professional and respected individuals and companies that have identified how we can add value to their existing business or be a partner in a new venture.

We look for innovators & entrepreneurs

We seek partners who are innovative and entrepreneurial and that can help us to increase our global reach. You may be a business ready to grow to the next level or have an opportunity to launch our services in new markets.

We want to grow our global footprint

You may also be an airport that wants a respected handling partner to help attract new airlines, or you may be seeking our participation in a new business opportunity that needs our expertise and investment.

partner case studies

Bangkok Flight Services Thailand
Bangkok Flight Services (BFS) is a joint venture between Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) and Bangkok Airways, the second largest regional scheduled carrier in Thailand, and was established in 2004.

BFS offers full passenger, ramp and cargo handling services at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport for all types of aircraft from private charters to full service mainline carriers, including A380 operators. It combines the management and operational experience of a world leader in the ground handling industry with the warmth and graciousness of one of Thailand’s recognised experts in aviation and tourism.

The company’s 4,000 employees handle 52,000 flights annually on behalf of 160 airline customers, and achieve 99% on-time performance for ramp and passenger handling services. BFS’ 55,370m² cargo terminal has a 550,000 tonnes annual throughout capacity and its cargo handling performance is measured at 99%.

British Airways Regional Cargo United Kingdom
In 2008, WFS has acquired a majority 60% shareholding in British Airways Regional Cargo (BARC), joining forces with the company’s other shareholder, British Airways World Cargo.

In the UK and Ireland, BARC operates over 260,000 square feet of cargo handling facilities, notably at London Heathrow, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow as well as other regional locations in the UK and Ireland providing a nationwide network.

BARC’s cargo handling operation manages over 110,000 tonnes a year for British Airways and other international airlines and also provides a road transport network connecting all of the locations. The BARC cargo handling operations were rebranded as Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) under the deal.

The sales activities undertaken by BARC for British Airways – and now IAG Cargo – continue as a dedicated division with its own management.

Hong Kong Cruise Terminal Hong Kong
A consortium led by WFS and including Royal Caribbean Cruises and a subsidiary of Shun Tak Holdings was awarded a 10-year tenancy agreement for the new HK$8.156 billion (US$1.046 billion) cruise terminal at Kai Tak by the Tourism Commission of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is the second largest cruise company in the world, and Shun Tak Holdings is a local diversified conglomerate providing travel-related services.

Located on the site of the old Kai Tak Airport, the new cruise terminal, which opened in 2013, is designed to welcome over 3,000 passengers an hour. As well as ensuring the friendliest and most efficient welcome to Hong Kong, the management and operations contract was awarded to the WFS consortium to help grow the tourism trade in Hong Kong by marketing a world class state-of-the-art facility and customer service experience to cruise lines around the world when they consider ship deployments.

Our network

WFS is one of the world's leading ground handling organisations, providing high quality cargo, passenger, premium, ramp, baggage and technical services across a network spanning over 167 locations in more than 20 countries on five continents.

Our network

WFS is one of the world's leading ground handling organisations, providing high quality cargo, passenger, premium, ramp, baggage and technical services across a network spanning over 167 locations in more than 20 countries on five continents.