SATS Ltd. (SATS) is a global leader in gateway services and Asia’s preeminent provider of food solutions. Tracing our roots back to the beginning of commercial aviation in Singapore in 1947, we serve Changi and other airports in key Asian cities, and international airlines such as Singapore Airlines. In 2012, we expanded our suite of services to cruise terminal operation when we became the proud operator of the Marina Bay Cruise Centre in Singapore.


Committed to SATS’ purpose of feeding and connecting the communities that we serve, SATS offers a comprehensive range of services such as aviation, institution, and commercial catering; food solutions and distribution; linen and laundry services; passenger services; apron services; cargo handling; on-board retail, cruise terminal operations; and security services, to customers in the aviation and commercial segments of the industry.

Harnessing SATS’ culinary expertise, innovative food technologies, resilient supply chain, and efficient large-scale production capability, we produce nutritious, authentic-tasting, convenient meals to enable everyone to have easy access to affordable, high-quality meals and eat well.

We understand the important role we play in facilitating travel and trade. Proudly connecting people, businesses, and communities seamlessly through our comprehensive gateway services for airlines, cruise lines, freight forwarders, postal services and eCommerce companies, we enable people to connect, supply chain to keep moving, and businesses to grow.

Conscious of the impact our business activities could have on the environment, we put sustainability at the heart of our business strategy. Over the years, we have worked synergistically across our network with stakeholders in aviation, logistics and food ecosystems, to drive collaborative advantage and shape the future of our sustainability together.



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