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WFS provides Ancillary services to Airlines and helps improve the overall customer experience.


Security Services


Fuel Services


Cabin Cleaning


Ground Services Equipment

WFS / Pinnacle in North America can deliver end-to-end ground services equipment (GSE) solutions for the aviation ground support industry. We provide airlines, airports, air cargo, fixed-based operators, ground handlers and more with financial and life cycle solutions to keep your business growing.


  • Baggage Cart
  • Belt Loader
  • Cargo Dolly
  • Container Loader
  • CS Platform
  • Fire Bottle
  • Ground Power
  • Light Cart
  • Passenger Van
  • Pick Up
  • Power Unit
  • Pushback
  • Scale
  • Stairs
  • Tow Tractor
  • Towbar
  • Tugger


Our list of ground support equipment (GSE) for sale is updated regularly.


  • Flexible terms
  • Dependable solution for seasonal equipment needs
  • Reliable equipment
  • Ideal for short term equipment replacements


For more information, please contact us.

GSE Services


WFS/Pinnacle Logistics has made available for sale some of the finest ground support equipment currently on the market. Our equipment comes from the best manufactures in the world including TUG, TLD, Clyde, FAST, JBT, GSS, Wollard, and many more! Our equipment is available on short notice and can be leased if needed.



We offer a variety of ground support equipment available for long term lease. By opting for leasing, companies can acquire needed equipment without the large initial investment. We understand every company has different needs and our experts are here to help get the equipment you need. Contact us today.



Our equipment is available for both short term and long term leases. We provide ground support equipment to businesses around the world from start ups to major aviation companies. Our GSE is available on short notice and our experts are here to help. Contact us today for you GSE rental needs.

Security services

Established in 2002, WFS | Orbital is an airport handling services company, located in Brazil, committed to supplying its partners with high quality, reliable services, using the latest technology.

WFS | Orbital has dedicated itself, almost exclusively, to providing a comprehensive range of security services to its customers, with an emphasis on continuous improvement.

This includes X-ray screening of baggage to avoid the unauthorised transport of any explosive devices or dangerous goods which may jeopardise flight safety. Our other services include:



  • To avoid any non-authorised access to restricted and operational airport areas.



  • In and outbound inspection of aircraft to find explosive devices or objects which may be used for sabotage.



  • Patrolling of airport areas to protect the perimeter and all adjacent areas.



  • Early inspection to increase flight safety levels, through questions and additional baggage inspection, prior to check-in or during boarding.



  • Interviews are a preventive method of security aimed at verifying travel documents, identifying unauthorised passengers, and visually examining passenger luggage to ensure the correct pieces are identified.


  • To avoid any dangerous or prohibited goods being brought onto an aircraft, that may be used to perpetrate an illicit act against civil aviation.



  • Inspection of individuals, vehicles and equipment used to perform flight support services. The purpose of these checks is to guarantee the integrity of airport security and restrict the access of unauthorised individuals.



  • To ensure that air cargo does not contain any prohibited or dangerous objects which may pose a risk to flight safety.


We operate at major airport locations around the world, we provide a wide choice of premium services for our airline and airport customers, designed to enhance the passenger travel experience and provide higher yielding revenue opportunities.

These services can be developed at any airport location, subject to the necessary approvals.

These services can include exclusive lounges and private terminals in Singapore for busy executives, discerning travellers or families on holiday. At select airports we provide dedicated check-in facilities, customs and immigration clearances, stylish lounges to wine and dine in, and limousine services. For private aircraft, we provide aircraft handling, crew accommodation, and liaise with into-plane fuelling and catering service providers.

Travelling through busy airports takes time. Our premium services simplify the airport procedures for your customers and include dedicated meet and greet services for business executives, unaccompanied minors or passengers requiring assistance from the moment they arrive at the airport, including check-in, shuttle services to immigration, porters to help with baggage and packing services to protect luggage.

Fuel services

Our solid expertise in Aircraft and Ground Fuel Handling provides the following services in selected US and Asian stations.


We currently hold several Task Orders under a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) with USACE Huntsville, AL, providing recurring fuel systems maintenance and selected service order tasks at approximately 150 locations in the US and overseas (Bahamas, Guantanamo Bay Cuba, Thule Greenland).

  • Aviation Fuel Storage and Facility Maintenance
  • Fuel Transport
  • Aircraft and Watercraft Refuelling/Defuelling
  • Service Station Operations
  • Gasoline/Diesel Dispatch and Delivery
  • Fuel Sampling and Laboratory Services
  • Fuel Inventory and Accounting
  • Fuel Systems Recurring Maintenance and Minor Repair


In North America and Spain, we can provide de-icing services at some airports to ensure the safety of airline operations. Essential de-icing operations are performed at the gates and designated ramp areas of the terminal core. Our NA Ground Handling team in Newark complete the “two-step” deicing process required during wintery weather precipitation which includes frost, freezing rain/sleet and or snow. The first step is to clean the aircraft of any frozen precipitation for a smooth air surface so that aircraft can safely take off. The second step is called the “anti-ice” known as type four fluid which protects the aircraft under certain time limits after the aircraft has been deiced so that it can safely taxi for takeoff.

We also provide this service for our cargo freight customers.

Cabin Cleaning

The WFS professional team removes dirt, litter, and other substances from our customers’ aircraft to provide a hygienic flight experience to the air passengers and staff, and prepare them for the next flight.

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