Worldwide trucking.

Trucking in Europe.

We organise offline trucking services at a European level according to our customers’ needs.

Providing a dedicated trucking service to and from the following our destinations via our hub stations:

The Netherlands

Northern Ireland

WFS is developing its own trucking control tower in the course of 2022.

This will become a central communication point, providing real-time status information and greater reliability for our partners.

We have our own trucking network in the UK and France.

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Trucking in the USA

In North America, WFS handles all of its customers’ trucking needs through the Pinnacle Logistics brand.

Pinnacle Logistics is an asset-based motor carrier with a 48 states operating authority, that is fully qualified, insured and US customs bonded. The direct airport access allows us to perform specialised services such as Direct Aircraft to Final Delivery and Handling of High Value-High Risk shipments that need to remain in a secure warehouse. We offer GPS Tracking of Trailers, Escorts, and Team Drivers.

We offer the following trucking services:

  • Line Haul
  • Full Truck Load
  • Local Pick-up and Delivery
  • Airport Transfer / Roller-Bed
  • Hot Shot Service
  • Container Drayage
  • CFS Handling with AMS
  • Brokerage

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