Express & e-commerce

Express and e-commerce handling

Our 20 years’ experience in the USA for express and e-commerce handling services has given us a reputation as a quality supplier. Our infrastructure is in place, our network reach, our quality leadership, and experienced workforce.

Building relationships with our customers, means we can tailor make our approach to fit.

  • We are flexible in our rostering and resources.
  • We are reliable using in house tools to manage quality and service in real time.
  • We are efficient and able to meet very short transit times.
  • We are prompt in our preparation and dispatch.

Our lean management principles mean we have an optimised workflow, we share learnings through regional work groups and we use performance tracking tools to measure our standards. Predictive tools and analytics mean that we can continually improve.

Freight Forwarder Assistance

We have an experienced dedicated team, who can respond quickly to short transit times and other requirements, due to their expertise and airside access operating licences.

We have specialised equipment used for freight forwarding, so we are able to support a variety of requirements.

In the current environment, freight forwarders are increasingly investing in the traditional airline business and taking over the whole operation of an airline.​

​WFS is able to offer assistance on two levels:​

– The regular handling for the freight forwarder/airline chartering business.​

– Operating the freight forwarder facility on behalf of the freight forwarder, including manpower and mobile equipment, at a flexible cost.​

We already hold such contracts with freight forwarder customers such as Schenker, Geodis and DSV​.

Our global e-commerce and integrator customers

We currently operate the Amazon operation activity at CDG and since 2021, WFS is the dedicated handling agent for the new Cainiao (Alibaba) facility at LGG. WFS is constantly developing its e-commerce activities in Europe.

40 e-commerce locations in North America
Key regional hubs in Cincinatti (CVG), Houston (IAH), New York (JFK), Phoenix (PHX), Sacramento (SMF), Seattle (SEA).

Growing footprint in Europe
Key hubs in Liège (LGG), Paris (CDG), Madrid (MAD).


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