Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence at WFS

We involve everyone at every level of the organisation to bring reliability, transparency and accountability, especially as we adapt to ever changing market conditions.

Our Focus:

  • Optimise and standardise operational tools and processes to ensure service excellence.
  • Improve service delivery levels and reduce delays.
  • Optimise warehouse capacities.
  • Improve working conditions.
  • Improve the efficiency and flexibility of our workforce by optimising our rostering process.
  • Increase value for our customers.
  • Develop a culture to promote continuous improvement and sustainable long-term growth. This is based on bottom-up involvement of employees to identify performance levers and giving middle management empowerment.

Accelerated by:

Data-driven approach
  • Availability and reliability of data for better analysis.


Local Leadership
  • Accountability of our local managers on levers and commitment to our roadmaps.


Best practice sharing
  • To communicate positively on our successes and share ideas across the group.


Smart Technologies implementation
  • Implementation of new technologies to better utilise our surface and improve our efficiency.


Service Delivery

In line with our commitment to transparency, as well as Cargo IQ and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance, we have worked to deploy the WFS Cargo Quality Centre (CQC) platform.​

Our CQC provides :​

  • Real-time and historical business intelligence at shipment level, flight level and consolidated by period.​
  • Comprehensive and easy access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and transparent data on SLA performance to our customers​.
  • Continued close monitoring of our Cargo IQ performance. ​

Digital Transformation

WFS is investing heavily in digital transformation, upgrading to the most technologically-advanced tools to help us work more efficiently as a global organisation.

This will standardise systems across the group, eliminate paperwork and improve customers’ real-time visibility of cargo handling milestones. These changes are underpinned by the migration of our cargo management system Cargospot.

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“Our airline customers benefit from the latest technologies to expedite truck handling and cargo acceptance.”

Markus Schneefuss / Director of Cargo Operations - Frankfurt Cargo Services