Press Release

GROWTH: WFS’ Full-Service Capabilities in Spain earn new all-cargo, leisure and executive jet handling contracts

Worldwide Flight Services’ (WFS) full ground and cargo handling capabilities in Spain have been recognised by new contracts to support cargo charter, leisure, and executive jet airline customers across the country.

The Hungarian cargo charter airline, Fleet Air, has signed a contract with WFS to provide cargo handling in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and other regional airports as well as ground handling services in Madrid, Seville, Santiago, Oviedo, and Vitoria. The airline offers ad hoc all-cargo flights using an ATR72 freighter.

Fleet Air chose WFS at its preferred handler based on WFS’ ability to provide both ground and cargo solutions in Spain, and to benefit from a single point of contact for all services.

In Madrid, WFS is also providing seasonal ground handling services for Egyptian leisure airline Cobra Jet’s new Airbus A320 passenger flights to Cairo and Luxor. Cobra Jet is also working with WFS partner Aerojetway at the airport.

Executive jet operator, Skyvalet, is the third new customer to choose WFS as its handler in Spain after being impressed by WFS’ flexibility to meet all its service requirements at major Spanish airports. WFS has been contracted to provide passenger, operational and ramp services as well as aircraft cleaning and ground equipment.

Spanish charter airline, Privilege Style, an existing customer for cargo handling, has also been so impressed by WFS’ services it has now awarded the group a ramp handling contract. WFS currently handles the whole operation for Privilege’s B777-200 passenger to freighter flights in Madrid.

“Spain is a very important and growing market for WFS. We are continuing to invest in our service capability at the airports where we are present to provide full service solutions for the many airlines already operating to and from Spain, as well as those which will come in the future. Our latest contracts with Fleet Air, Cobra Jet, Skyvalet and Privilege Style are perfect examples of the range of handling solutions we can offer for all aviation and airline requirements,” said WFS’ Commercial Director in Spain, Juan Luis Viton.