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We’re fast to respond to new opportunities

We are experienced in providing fast response operations to start contract work or to commence new station operations, assigning employees from within our network to work with the local workforce to ensure a timely and professional ‘go live’  to meet your operational requirements.

Our equipment fleet delivers reliability

We supply a diverse fleet of Ground Support Equipment to serve all aircraft types, all subject to regular checks and a proactive maintenance schedule to ensure the reliability and efficiency of all equipment used to support your flight operations.

We ensure safety & security at all times

Our teams are trained to comply with all relevant industry standards to create a safe and secure airside working environment to protect your aircraft, crew and customers and eliminate any potential risk of operating delays.

A full package of service options

Our services include marshalling, aircraft loading and unloading, crew transport, baggage handling, cabin cleaning and dressing, water and lavatory servicing, load planning, weight and balance, flight operations, ULD control, ground power, air conditioning for boarding bridges and aircraft, dispatch, towing and pushback. We also offer de-icing and into-plane refuelling services at some airports.

Our commitment to on-time performance

We understand the importance of on-time performance to enable you to fulfil your flight schedules and ensure your customers come back and fly with you again in the future. In a dynamic airport environment, new challenges arise on a daily basis but our teams are trained to be flexible, to think proactively and to resolve issues quickly to eliminate any potential causes of delays.

We understand your priorities

We deliver fast, efficient and safe aircraft turnarounds. We understand that you need to maximise the operating capacity of your aircraft assets, manage the handling, cleaning and replenishment of every aircraft quickly and cost efficiently, and ensure the safety of your customers and crews.

Our network

WFS is a global air cargo logistics leader, and the number 1 global operator in cargo handling, with a global network spanning over 158 locations in more than 18 countries on five continents. We provide best-in-class, safe and secure cargo services, as well as passenger, ramp, baggage services in selected airports. Embedded in our culture is a commitment to continuous improvement. We believe the key to sustainable operational excellence is ensuring that the people at the heart of your operations have the right mindset to drive new ways of working and the development of innovative technologies.