Service Delivery

Service Delivery

In line with our commitment to transparency, as well as Cargo IQ and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance, we have worked to deploy the WFS Cargo Quality Centre (CQC) platform.​

Our CQC provides :​

  • Real-time and historical business intelligence at shipment level, flight level and consolidated by period.​
  • Comprehensive and easy access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and transparent data on SLA performance to our customers​
  • Continued close monitoring of our Cargo IQ performance. ​
  • Availability of real-time performance data to target our resources more effectively to improve service delivery for our customers.​
  • Customisable and available for all our airline customers
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“As one of the largest ground handlers at ORD, our station is equipped with substantial cooler space for perishable handling, and we continue to expand in this market.”