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Appropriation of Photographs

Copyright pictures: Frank Beloncie, Fotolia.

Any use of images belonging to WFS is strictly forbidden.


Legal indications

1.1 The owner and publisher of this website : (hereinafter referred “this website”) is the company WFS GLOBAL SAS, a simplified joint stock company with a share capital of 99,987,000 euros, registered before the Trade and Companies Register of Paris under number 491 807 558, whose registered office is located 7 boulevard de la Madeleine, 75001 Paris (The company WFS GLOBAL SAS is hereinafter referred “the company”).

1.2 The company may be contacted by phone : +33 1 83 18 00 30 or by email at

1.3 The editor is Mr. Craig Smyth.

1.4 This website is hosted by OVH SAS, a French company registered before the Trade and Companies Register of Lille, under number 424 761 419, whose registered office is located 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France.

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Conditions for use of the website and of our services

In accessing the WFS Internet site to consult or use our services, you acknowledge that you are in compliance with the laws in effect, particularly in France, and with the following use conditions:


Article 1 – Intellectual property rights

All of the content of the WFS Internet site, and particularly but not only the graphic charter, the texts, the logotypes, the trademarks, and the accessible images and database, belong to WFS company and are protected in particular by the intellectual property rights.

In particular, the “WFS” trademark and the domain name “” are protected names belonging to WFS, and you may not use them in any case without WFS’ explicit, written and prior approval.

Any reproduction, even in part, whether direct or indirect, of one of the elements or of any content of the WFS Internet site, whatever the form thereof may be, other than for your strictly personal use for information purposes, is strictly prohibited.

You undertake not to redistribute or reproduce all or part of the content and of the data published on the WFS Internet site or supplied in connection with use of our services other than for your strictly personal use.

In particular, we make a service available on our site enabling you to consult information concerning tracking of freight shipments by using the LTA (or AWB) number.

This database, known as “Suivi des Expéditions” [Shipment Tracking], published on and accessible from our Internet site, is also the property of WFS company, and is protected by the intellectual property rights. The availability of the said database for consultation purposes may not be construed as a transfer.

At the time of use of the said Shipment Tracking service, by using the LTA (or AWB) number, you undertake to use the said information for a purpose and pursuant to procedures conforming to the laws, rules and regulations in effect, and for the sole purpose of checking on the status of a shipment assigned to our departments.

Any large-scale and/or automated query of our base, as well as any diversion or attempted diversion of the protective technical measures installed and any use, extraction, transfer, storage, reproduction or redistribution of all or part of the elements of that base by any means whatsoever, including by using automated systems or other software, for purpose other than consultation of the information concerning the tracking of freight shipments by using the LTA (or AWB) number, is strictly prohibited. Such behavior could give rise to legal proceedings.

We reserve the right to temporarily interrupt this service at any time, particularly in order to ensure operational stability of the service and to limit any access to our base in case of a violation of the present use conditions.


Article 2 – Purpose of the site

The sole purpose of the present Internet site is to provide general information relative to WFS company, to WFS group and its activities, as well as information relating to tracking shipments by querying our shipment tracking database.

You agree not to do any of the following:

1- use the content provided by WFS for commercial or advertising purposes, without our advance, explicit and written approval,

2- establish a hypertext link to our Internet site, whether to the home page or to another site page, without our advance approval, except to communicate a positive image of our group,

3- use the said site for any purpose other than consultation, for your own use, of the information appearing thereon,

4- use the site or the information and/or data published thereon under conditions contrary to the laws, rules and regulations in effect violating the rights of our company, of the persons presented on the said Internet site, or of any other third parties.


Article 3 – Limitations on WFS’ liability

Because of the limits of the Internet network, with which you indicate your perfect familiarity, WFS cannot be held liable for the poor operation or the difficulty of accessing the WFS Internet site or our service, or for possible damage that might result from such dysfunctions.

In spite of all the care that we take to ensure the quality of the information we make available to you, we cannot guarantee that all data published on the present site are accurate, complete and up to date. In particular, our site is not updated in real time. Nor do we warrant that our site or our services will come up to your expectations.


Article 4 – Personal information

Please refer to the Data Privacy Policy.


Article 5 – Modifications of use conditions

The present use conditions are subject to modifications or adaptations. The modifications will become effective on the day of their publication on the WFS Internet site. The applicable use conditions are the ones in effect at the time of your connection to our site and of its use, with which you indicate your familiarity and which you undertake to respect when connecting to our Internet site and consulting our services.