Press Release

AirBridgeCargo extends global partnership with WFS with 10-year cargo handling contract in Liege

AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) has awarded a 10-year cargo handling contract to Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) in Liege, further extending the all-cargo airline’s global strategic partnership with WFS, the world’s largest air cargo handler.

Under the terms of the new contract, as well as handling import and export cargo on AirBridgeCargo’s 15 Boeing 747 freighter flights a week, connecting Liege with prime markets in North America and Asia Pacific, WFS has subleased half of ABC’s new cargo terminal at the Belgian airport to support its other handling clients.

The 12,500 sq. mt. Building 24 cargo terminal in Liege has the capacity to handle some 150,000 tonnes of airfreight a year. WFS will also provide handling for other Volga-Dnepr Group airlines when required to do so.

In Liege, WFS provides both cargo and ramp handing, supported by the facility’s location next to the airport’s freighter parking area. The building provides a dedicated pharma zone for temperature-controlled products and will also enable the highly-trained WFS team to meet the special handling requirements of ABC for shipments such as high value and perishable cargoes.

“We are extremely proud that AirBridgeCargo Airlines and Volga-Dnepr Group are making this longterm commitment to working with WFS. This 10-year contract in Liege follows our announcement in June of a three-year handling agreement with ABC at our new cargo terminal in Atlanta,” said Barry Nassberg, WFS’ Group Chief Commercial Officer. “These types of contracts provide stability for both partners, are great news for our employees, and enable us to support AirBridgeCargo’s long-term growth strategy which requires us to deliver high quality, reliable and innovative cargo handling services for its global customers. We thank ABC for giving us this great opportunity, which supports our own long-term plans in Belgium.”

As well as Liege and Atlanta, WFS also hold contracts to provide handling services for AirBridgeCargo Airlines in Frankfurt, Madrid and Paris as well as in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

WFS first commenced handling services in Liege in early 2020 after the airport authority called for expert support to help handle the surge of freighter flights carrying urgent shipments of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in response to the global Covid-19 pandemic. By relocating members of its Brussels handling team to Liege and transferring essential equipment, including forklifts, slave masters, slave pallets and a truck dock, WFS was able to open a fully operational, safe and secure cargo facility within just 72 hours.

In January 2021, WFS also opened a new 250,000 tonne capacity cargo terminal operation at Brussels Airport. This facility is in addition to WFS’ 9,000 sq. mt. handling centre at Brucargo West, which opened two years ago.