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WFS Core Values

Our Core Values are shared behaviors that make us successful & FIRST class. We follow them and are proud of them. This is our collective DNA Which makes us different & unique.

core values

Our 5 Core Values

Focus on Customers

We work proactively with our customers request and our customers’ customers to make sure we deliver what we have contracted to deliver. Without our customers, there is no WFS.


We treat our people & stakeholders with respect and care building trust via open, honest and straightforward communication. We always operate within the boundaries of our code of conduct and ethics policies.


We do our jobs well, being accountable for our actions and taking responsibility for our work and those around us. We lead by example.

Safety & Security

We sincerely believe that safety & security is our number one priority at all times. We will do what we are trained to do, we will never take short-cuts and we will always speak up where we see compromises being taken.


We all work as part of a team, enjoying what we do, collaborating with our colleagues and relying on their expertise to make a valuable contribution to WFS.

Compliance & Ethics

Our Compliance Program seeks to ensure that the company’s business practices conform to applicable laws, regulations and ethical business principles, as well as developing a culture of integrity.

Our Code of Conduct sets out how we at WFS should conduct ourselves in our day to day work and our expectations for ethical behavior to ensure that we maintain the highest standards whilst at the same time protecting the reputation of our company.

Policies and procedures have been put in place to build on the principles set out in our Code of Conduct and ensure that we have a robust but practical Compliance Program and one that we can be proud of.


Our Whistleblower policy facilitates the reporting of actual or potential violations of the law, our Code of Conduct, policies and procedures by means of a hotline: