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Service solutions designed for your business

We are always ready to look at new opportunities and have the experience and resources to consider the launch of premium passenger services anywhere in the world, wherever you need our support and expertise. We can also work with you to design new premium services to suit specific requirements.

Services at premium facilities

We operate exclusive lounges and private terminals for busy executives, discerning travellers or families on holiday. At select airports we provide dedicated check-in facilities, customs and immigration clearances, stylish lounges to wine and dine in, and limousine services. For private aircraft, we provide aircraft handling, crew accommodation, and liaise with into-plane fuelling and catering service providers.

Work with us to grow your revenues

Developing our premium services at your airport or for your airline customers not only provides more choice and help for passengers, it is also a source of important new revenue streams for your business. Working together, we can use our expertise to tailor services to your specific requirements –  just tell us what you need.

We simplify the airport experience

Travelling through busy airports takes time. Our premium services simplify the airport procedures for your customers and include dedicated meet and greet services for business executives, unaccompanied minors or passengers requiring assistance from the moment they arrive at the airport, including check-in, shuttle services to immigration, porters to help with baggage and packing services to protect luggage.

Services built on courtesy & care

Customers buy premium services to make their journeys through an airport faster, more comfortable or easier. Using our knowledge of airport operations, we’ve developed a broad portfolio of services designed to satisfy these requirements, delivered by our highly-trained teams who understand what every customer expects from their choice of premium travel service.

A professional welcome for your premium customers

At major airport locations around the world, we provide a wide choice of premium services for our airline and airport customers, designed to enhance the passenger travel experience and provide higher yielding revenue opportunities. These services can be developed at any airport location, subject to the necessary approvals.

Our network

WFS is a global air cargo logistics leader, and the number 1 global operator in cargo handling, with a global network spanning over 158 locations in more than 18 countries on five continents. We provide best-in-class, safe and secure cargo services, as well as passenger, ramp, baggage services in selected airports. Embedded in our culture is a commitment to continuous improvement. We believe the key to sustainable operational excellence is ensuring that the people at the heart of your operations have the right mindset to drive new ways of working and the development of innovative technologies.