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Baggage Handling

Proven solutions for all sizes of operation

We can develop and deliver high quality baggage handling systems for any size of operation from regional airports to busy international hubs.

A fast response from dedicated start-up teams

Our highly-skilled baggage system start-up teams can be deployed at short notice to review your baggage handling operations and identify how we can provide the performance reliability and cost efficiency that is so critical to the growth of your business.

We design & install baggage solutions

As well as enhancing existing baggage handling systems, we provide consultancy to re-engineer baggage conveyors or to completely design efficient new solutions from development to implementation. Our baggage management systems combine technical support by our own engineers, continuous systems performance audits, and contingency planning for system failure and recovery.

We optimise the efficiency of your systems

We will review the productivity of your existing systems and identify improvements in processes and physical baggage handling that will ultimately ensure your customers can collect their baggage within minutes of their arrival.

Reliability built on security & speed

Our baggage handling and tracking systems are built to cope with the high demands of arriving, departing and transfer baggage at major airports. With an emphasis on security, reliability and service delivery, we also use our expertise to identify opportunities for cost efficiencies for your business.

Our experience delivers peace of mind

Baggage handling is one of the key service benchmarks for a customer flying with an airline. Slow processing of baggage or mishandled bags are likely to have a significant influence on the choices the passenger makes for future air travel. We combine systems, technology and training to deliver fast, efficient and accurate baggage handling services at major international airports.

Our network

WFS is a global air cargo logistics leader, and the number 1 global operator in cargo handling, with a global network spanning over 164 locations in more than 18 countries on five continents. We provide best-in-class, safe and secure cargo services, as well as passenger, ramp, baggage services in selected airports. Embedded in our culture is a commitment to continuous improvement. We believe the key to sustainable operational excellence is ensuring that the people at the heart of your operations have the right mindset to drive new ways of working and the development of innovative technologies.