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Safety / Securit old version

Safety & security are our top priorities. All our staff are trained.

We are a team that understands safety & security and that we respect those around us, and those around us respect

Careful – the costs of carelessness exceeds far more than money
Inform – others if you see anything that could compromise safety or security
Reliable – be reliable and always remain vigilant in and around the airport
Compliant – be compliant with all regulations. Be clear and only do the job you are trained to do
Look, listen and learn – listen to what you have been taught and always keep a look out for any potential security
Educate – you are now part of the ‘CIRCLE of Trust’ – it is now your job to educate others

Safety and security

At WFS, the Global Head of Safety & Security, Govt. Compliance & Safety oversees safety and security for the WFS Network.


Safety Team
Directors of safety for eastern and western regions with strong safety/operational backgrounds. Station safety advisors for each location report to the regional directors.

Security Team
Security directors have a vast and diverse blend of experience in security. One of our directors of security is a former US Customs Officer (13 yrs) and the other a retired New York City Police Officer.

Monthly Station Self Audits
Station GM’s are required to perform “self audits” of their operations, including the safety and security of their facilities. Safety & security directors perform scheduled follow up audits at all locations.