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Corporate Social Responsibility

ESG – Environmental, Social & Governance

At WFS, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria are at the heart of our business strategy. Our Executive Committee are committed to be responsible corporate citizens and this is demonstrated by our teams around the world who regularly engage in activities to benefit the environment, employees, customers, partners and the broader community.

Below are some examples from our subsidiaries in Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Cleaning Day

Initiated by Bangkok Flight Services (BFS), ‘Suvarnabhumi Airport Cleaning Day’ is organised each year to raise environmental awareness for the surroundings of the airport. The event has been organised for the last seven years, and more than 10 private and public organisations based at Suvarnabhumi Airport now take part. The day helps strengthen the relationship between aviation partners while raising awareness for the community in which these companies operate in. ‘Suvarnabhumi Airport Cleaning Day’ is now recognised as one of BFS’ key annual social activities as it brings together colleagues who are committed to creating a better and more welcoming airport.


Hong kong’s Green Power Hike

WFS Hong Kong has participated in the Green Power Hike since 2016. The event is an annual fund-raising event first held in 1994, intended to inspire people to better appreciate the natural environment. Each year the event provides its 3,000 participants with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the ecology of Hong Kong and support local environmental initiatives.

WFS Hong Kong takes part in the Aviation and Airport Services Cup of the hike, which sees teams from the aviation and services sector race against each other. Each team, comprised of three to four members, has the choice between a 10km, 25km or 50km route and makes a monetary donation. All proceeds from the race are used to fund environmental education in schools and local communities.


The Washburne Innovation Award
for Equal Opportunities

In 2013, the Embassy of the United States of America in France, in partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce in France and the French-American Foundation, presented its annual Washburne Innovation Award for Equal Opportunities to WFS.

WFS received the award at a special ceremony in Paris by Charles Rivkin, Ambassador of the United States of America in France and Fleur Pellerin, Delegated Minister of Productive Recovery, responsible for SMEs, Innovation and the Digital Economy. The event at the Ambassador’s residence was attended by more than 250 guests representing leading businesses, civil society, government and the media.

First presented in 2012, the award promotes equal opportunities in the workplace by rewarding those who excel in the recruitment, training and career advancement of all employees.